A Word from Fr. Jim Murphy

Published on January 17, 2017

Dear Friends,
It is now a year since we moved back into our newly renovated Church and I have to admit two things:

First, it is a delight for me every time I come into the church for prayer or for the celebration of the Sacraments. It is unbelievable what has been accomplished in so short a time. During the Christmas season it was so lovely to witness the great crowds who attended the liturgies and to meet so many of our parishioners who had returned from abroad to join with their families for Christmas. There have been wonderful acclamation’s for the work done in the church and it is great to hear such positive comments. I am thrilled that so many people join us through the web camera from overseas regularly, particularly at the times of weddings or funerals. This is a wonderful advance and a great service for people who are living so far away from home.

Secondly, may I express our gratitude to you, the faithful parishioners of St. Canice’s for your generous support of our Renovation Envelope Collection.

To date, after one year, €60,000 has been raised. This is most generous of you. Thank you most sincerely. It does my heart good to witness the faithfulness of so many good people sending in their weekly contributions. If some of you have not yet been able to make your contributions I would appeal to you to come on board and give us a helping hand in this renovation appeal.

I know only too well how difficult it is for many of you to reach on all the demands which are facing you in these times. Please remember that every little helps, and that when we all make a little effort together great things are accomplished. Thanks very much for your generous support. It is most heartening and encouraging. May the Lord bless you with health and happiness in this New Year. Jim Murphy.